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Thinking of Christmas...
I don't post on this journal often at all, but I am today. Why? Because I'm thinking of Christmas.

In a week's time my lovely girl Averie/[info]edhelur will be arriving here to spend the holiday's with me. She'll be here for about 3 weeks (15th until the 5th, I believe) and I can't wait. :D I don't get to spend as much time with her as I would like because she lives in the US, which can be very frustrating and difficult to live with, so that I'll have her with me over a time like Christmas and the New Year is pretty special. I'm thankful for this, and I've already been thinking of spending next winter over there in CO (Snow!! :D).

So...I'm sitting here, nice and relaxed, and day-dreaming of how wonderful it'll be to have her curled up beside me in my living-room, with a nice warm fire blazing near by, and the yip-yapping of our new pups as they roam their newly discovered land.

And the thought brings me a lot of happiness. I can't wait!

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Time is a funny old thing. I find myself with a lot of it. Don’t you? Perhaps. Then again, perhaps not.

Hard to say.

I look at things around me and see nothing. Don’t you? I hope not.

Without vision we are nothing.

How can a man live without sight? There are different kinds of sight. There is what you perceive centering from your eye sockets, and then there is what you perceive…of life itself.

In your mind

What is a man when insane? A broken landscape of torture raining, whirling among others.

Amidst familiar people, we form a hellish society.

If a mind is constantly tormented, should it be silenced with the quick finality of death?

I live for that time.

SW: The Force Unleashed
Darth Vader
*drops from the sky*

Hello there. Have any of you heard of a game called Star Wars: the Force Unleashed?

Hmm, yes?

It's amazing. Get it.

*throws saber, cutting through trees and wookies all around him*

*chuckles evilly*

Who wants a leg of Wookiee? Don't worry, without all the hair.

: P

*force jumps away*

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This is/was a highly bored post I wrote up yesterday. I blame Miss edhelur
(She'll love that... :-D)

Hehe...anyway, read:


It needs re-written...but meh. I need to start playing some MUD's again. :/

Edit: *wonders why it wont perform a LJ cut properly*

Jacen (LOTF)
( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )

Valentine Mysteries
So, it's Valentine's ...

Love is in the air...Collapse )

Hope everyone has a great day!

And on the eighth day, God made Star Wars...
I was, of course, born on the second day. Being high on God's 'to-do' list that week. :p

Ok, so bullshit aside, check out the vid. It's very impressive.

My living room wont know what hit it.

*lifts LJ and hurls it*

False Ego
Jacen (LOTF)
From Beyond the Frontier of the Mind by Osho:

Life is...
Jacen Solo (NJO)
Life is not fun. Occasionaly it may be, but generally it is not. So! I sit here and post onto this journal thing I have created. *sighs* It has been a while, yes. I continue to lead my life as I normally do. Filling the void until this body runs dry. :D Or someone decides to take their dislikement a step too far. It could happen. I thought such a thing might happen over ol' Halloween, but I'd rather not get into that. However, to make this slightly interesting i'm going to suggest an author:

R. Scott Bakker.

Did you catch that?

R. Scott Bakker! His Prince of Nothing series is something to look out for the next time you're in a book store. His first book will look something like this:

Get it! Oh and that guy bigging up his book on the cover: Steven Erikson. He's the man. 'Nough said. :D

Oh, and a music suggestion: listen to MUSE, even if you normally do. Just stick it on now! It's electric goodness in pure music form, I tells ya! :) Oh, oh and ARCADE FIRE! Yum. IRON and WINE is good too, even if the lyrics are quite poor. And REUBEN! They have new stuff, always good to hear from the lads. Ah...I could keep going. *grins* But I wont! Ok, maybe some BRIGHT EYES or CAT EMPIRE or MAD CADDIES or...or...agh!

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Which Transformer are you?
So stolen from xanji but good nonetheless:

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